Pulmonology and Cardiology

Cardiology is a branch of medicine that focuses on cardiovascular disease research, diagnosis and treatment. Cardiovascular diseases include heart disease, high blood pressure, arrhythmia, or stroke.

Pulmonology is a medical specialty dealing with diseases of the respiratory tract. Pulmonologists are trained in chest diseases, mainly pneumonia, asthma, emphysema, tuberculosis, and complicated infections of the chest.


Allergic bronchopulmonary aspergillosis | Asthma | Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease | Chronic bronchitis | Emphysema | Cystic fibrosis | Lung canceriagnosis | Pneumoconiosis | Pneumonia | Pneumothorax | Psittacosis | Pulmonary embolism | Pulmonary fibrosis | Pulmonary hypertension | Pulmonary sequestration | Sarcoidosis | Sleep apnea | Tuberculosis | Internal medicine | Intensive care medicine.